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sexual tic-tac-toe

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This is my fannish place for capslocking about superheroes and fictional characters having sex. I pray at the altar of Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Hemsworh and Mads Mikkelsen make me want to do unspeakable things.

I write, occasionally post gifs and vaguely pretty graphics on tumblr, and very rarely I (still) make icons.

Friend and defriend at will and feel free to drop me a line in any public post. I like meeting new people and squee about the things I love with them.
Be aware that I'm not afraid to openly speak my mind, even if it's unpopular. You can call me on my bullshit or we can disagree without hard feelings, all I'm asking is that you respect me as a person.

Transformative Works Policy

I give blanket permission for podfic or any kind of art to be created for anything I’ve written (this actually means ‘yesssss, please’). You may also translate any of my fics into other languages. The only thing I ask is that you please let me know, and that you credit me as the author and link to the original fic.

If you’d like to write fic in any of my verses, please ask before you do. I probably won’t say No, but being the slow writer that I am I might already have something similar sitting in my WIP folder.

24, 30 seconds to mars, 4815162342, adam lambert, alan rickman, alex krycek, arthur/eames, arthur/merlin, bandslash, bb!arthur is a slut, bob bryar, boston legal, brad/nate, bradley james, brian kinney, brian/justin, btvs, candles, cats, chris pine, cobra starship, coffeecoffeecoffee, colin morgan, david cook, david duchovny, david hewlett, dean/castiel, disc world, doctor who, echelon, fall out boy, firefly, fox mulder, frank iero, gale harold, generation kill, gerard way, godric/eric, handsome bob, harry potter, harry/severus, haunted houses, hawaii five-0, horror movies, house m.d., hyde, ian somerhalder, ianto jones, icons, inception, ipod, j.r.r. tolkien, jack/daniel, jack/ianto, jack/sawyer, james marsters, japanese horror movies, jared leto, jared/shannon, jazz, jensen ackles, joe flanigan, john barrowman, john sheppard, john sheppard's hair, jon walker, joseph gordon-levitt, joss whedon, justin taylor, justin's ass, kradam, l'arc~en~ciel, lambliff, loki, loki/thor, lord of the rings, lost, lost girl, makeup, mario brothers, matt bomer, mckay/sheppard, merlin, moon child, mulder, mulder/krycek, my chemical romance, neal/peter, nine, patrick stump, pete wentz, pete/patrick, peter/neal, photoshop, queer as folk, rammstein, randy harrison, ratboy, red hot chili peppers, resident evil, rocknrolla, rodney mckay, scully, severus snape, shamelessness, shannon leto, sherlock, sherlock holmes, silent hill, slash, snape/harry, spencer smith, spock, spock/kirk, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate: sg1, starsky & hutch, steve loves danno, supernatural, sushi, t.m.revolution, tea, terminator, terry pratchett, the rockford files, the walking dead, thor, thor/loki, tom hardy, tom hiddleston, tommy joe ratliff, tomo milicevic, torchwood, true blood, white collar, wolverine, x-files, yuuka nitta, zelda